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Mass Violence Advisory Initiative


Mass Violence Advisory Initiative

Incidents of mass violence present a myriad of unique challenges to law enforcement leaders while under intense pressure. Launched in September 2021, the Mass Violence Advisory Initiative (MVAI) provides peer-to-peer assistance to law enforcement leaders following a mass violence tragedy to maximize the safety and wellness of officers, other first responders, and the community. The MVAI advises these groups by sharing promising practices for communicating with community members and the media and connecting law enforcement leaders with local, state, and federal partners.

A collaboration between the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), MVAI connects local law enforcement leaders with Mass Violence Peer-to-Peer Advisory Teams that are comprised of law enforcement professionals with personal experience navigating acts of mass violence.

The IACP plans to expand MVAI to also include community, faith-based, and psychological services. The services available through MVAI will be provided at no cost to an agency in need.

Visit the IACP's MVAI web page to learn more.


Department of Justice Launches Program to Help Police Respond to Mass Violence
This September 22, 2021, press release highlights the launch of the Mass Violence Advisory Initiative, its purpose, and how to seek assistance.


Contact MVAI at [email protected] for additional information or to request assistance.

Date Modified: March 13, 2023
Date Created: September 22, 2021