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Officer Kevin M. Howland (Sacramento Police Department, CA)

Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor

On May 22, 2006, Officer Kevin M. Howland of the Sacramento Police Department in California was on duty and conducting a search for the vehicle of an armed robbery suspect in the City of Sacramento. Officer Howland observed a vehicle that appeared to be similar to the style and color of the suspect vehicle. As a result, he stopped to determine if this was the particular vehicle for which he was searching. After interviewing the four individuals in the car, Officer Howland became suspicious and requested back-up. Suddenly, the driver accelerated in reverse, striking the leg of Officer Howland, who backed up and drew his service weapon. The suspect vehicle then accelerated directly toward Officer Howland, pinning the officer between the suspect vehicle and his own patrol car. The suspects continued to accelerate through the parking lot with Officer Howland clinging to the hood and firing into the suspect vehicle to stop the suspects' escape and to prevent innocent bystanders from being injured. The suspect vehicle turned, rolling Officer Howland off the hood. Officer Howland continued to pursue the suspects on foot, despite his injuries. Suffering from fatal gunshot wounds, the driver crashed the vehicle. Subsequently, Officer Howland was able to coordinate the arrest of the remaining suspects. It is with his continued diligence-even with injuries-that afforded safety for those around him and led to the suspects' apprehension.

Date Published: September 9, 2020