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Detective Raymond Robertson (Miami-Dade Police Department, Miami, FL)

Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor

On Friday, October 13, 2006, Detective Raymond Robertson of the Miami-Dade, FL, Police Department and Detective Miguel Galvez of the Opa-Locka, FL, Police Department and were engaged in surveillance activities for a narcotics operation. Having received information that large quantities of narcotics and firearms were being stored in an abandoned apartment in the area, they drove to the apartment complex's parking lot. A subject approached their vehicle holding a firearm. Detective Robertson attempted to back out of the lot, but another vehicle blocked their route of escape by intentionally rear-ending their vehicle. The initial subject then opened the driver's side door and began firing his weapon. During the subsequent exchange of gunfire, the subject was hit once in the abdomen and fell to the ground a short distance from the driver's side door of the detectives' vehicle. While lying on the ground, the subject continued to fire shots in the direction of the detectives' vehicle. At this point, two additional subjects began shooting at the detectives. Still trapped inside their vehicle, the detectives were now being fired at by three subjects simultaneously.

During this exchange of gunshots, Detective Robertson was shot multiple times. He was first shot in the right forearm, forcing him to switch his gun to his non-dominant hand, then in his left forearm. Even though he was losing strength in both of his hands, he managed to exchange magazines and continue firing. Another shot grazed his right ear, and he was shot three times in the chest area, which was protected by a bulletproof vest. In an effort to take cover outside of the vehicle, Detective Galvez began to exit the passenger side but was struck in the leg when the subject vehicle rammed the passenger door, causing him to drop his firearm. Despite his injuries, Detective Robertson covered Detective Galvez as Detective Galvez escaped through a hole in the fence. Detective Robertson also made a run to safety. They raced about 100 yards to a convenience store, with the subjects in pursuit. Detective Robertson, who was losing consciousness, relinquished his firearm to Detective Galvez, who kept the subjects at bay and called for back-up.

The initial subject attempted to run from the scene and was found dead in the rear of the parking lot. After an extensive and in-depth investigation, the two additional subjects were identified and arrested, and were awaiting trial at the time of this nomination. Both subjects had extensive criminal pasts. Detective Miguel Galvez is also a recipient of the 2006-2007 Medal of Valor.

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Date Published: September 9, 2020