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Tool Selector

Public Safety Risk Assessment Clearinghouse

This database is a repository for tools designed to predict the risk of general recidivism, sexual recidivism, violent recidivism, or pretrial misconduct. All included tools are in use in more than one jurisdiction.

In building the database, the Public Safety Risk Assessment Clearinghouse team gathered information from publicly available resources including published research studies, developer websites, product brochures, scoring manuals, and copies of the risk assessment tools themselves. Staff then contacted the developers of each tool themselves to compile information about it. The tool developers were also provided with the opportunity to review the description of their respective tools and propose clarifications.

For those who wish to suggest a tool for inclusion in the database or recommend a correction, please contact us at:

[email protected]

Choosing the right risk assessment tool can be difficult and depends greatly on the intended use and desired functionality of the tool, as well as agency capacity and resource constraints. This Policy Brief walks through key considerations involved in selecting and adopting a risk assessment instrument.