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Tribal Justice Systems Infrastructure Program (TJSIP)


Native American Cultural Design Elements for Tribal Justice Facilities, January 2022. This resource highlights the importance of cultural design elements when planning and designing a new structure, or an addition to an existing one.

Programming & Design Guide for Tribal Justice Facilities, 2022. This resource captures programmatic and design considerations to help inform the development of a tribal facility. 

Tribal Justice Probation System Review Guidebook, April 2019. The Tribal Justice Probation System Review Guidebook offers an enhanced look at the review process with enriched perspectives for the conduct of the review and the use of findings and recommendations that have proven successful in improving probation system performance and outcomes for the youth and families they serve.

Crossing the Bridge: Tribal-State-Local Collaboration, February 2019. This report highlights an approach and plan to help with tribal-state-local collaborations.

Tribal Justice System Infrastructure Program Fact Sheet, November 2018. This fact sheet provides information about the Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS), with a focus on Purpose Area 4 of CTAS which is the Tribal Justice System Infrastructure Program.

Date Modified: February 15, 2022
Date Created: January 6, 2020