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Tribal Justice Systems Infrastructure Program (TJSIP)

Training & Technical Assistance

BJA partners with the University of North Dakota Tribal Judicial Institute (UND TJI) and Nisqually Construction to provide technical assistance (TA) for TJSIP, CTAS Purpose Area 4 grant recipients. UND TJI focuses on operational planning activities such as operational programming, operational budgeting, staffing assessment, and project feasibility. Nisqually Construction provides construction management technical assistance services.

TTA activities include project management technical assistance, including bidding, design, and construction; National Environmental Policy Act assistance; and review of construction/renovation budgets, delivery approach, schedules, contractor selections, contract agreements, invoicing, progress, and construction closeout. TA services can be provided on site, by telephone, and/or through webinars. See the Training and Technical Assistance section of the Tribal Justice and Safety site to learn more about DOJ’s TTA offerings.

See the Native American and Alaskan Technical Assistance Project (NAATAP) Project Guides:

Also see the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Guidance webpage for additional information and resources.

Date Created: January 6, 2020