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Visiting Fellows Program

FY24 Funding Available


Through the Visiting Fellows Program, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) invests in future and current leaders in the field to advance national policy issue priorities and offer cross-developmental opportunities for Department of Justice (DOJ) staff and criminal justice practitioners and researchers.

Cooperative agreement awards made under the BJA Visiting Fellows Program fund fellowships for a period of 24 months or 36 months (depending on which category is applied for), including a hybrid remote and in-person “dedicated immersion” period of 9 to 12 months, where the fellow will work closely with BJA staff members and potentially work onsite at BJA in Washington, D.C., on a regular basis.

Available Opportunity

FY24 Visiting Fellows Program

  • Grants.gov deadline: July 24, 2024, 8:59 p.m. ET
  • JustGrants deadline: July 31, 2024, 8:59 p.m. ET

Fellowship Activities

The purpose of each fellowship is to make important policy and programmatic contributions in a criminal justice focus area. Fellows collaborate with BJA and other DOJ staff members to provide critical outreach, data, research, and subject matter expertise to inform the development of new BJA strategies, policies, and programs to benefit the field.

Fellowship details and focus areas are included in each opportunity solicitation when released. Learn about specific fellows and their areas of focus in the following:

Fellows Featured in Justice Today Podcast Episodes

Enhancing Corrections Spaces and Cultures

The nations prisons and jails are struggling to recruit and retain staff. These staffing challenges impact re-entry efforts and overall public safety. In the Enhancing Corrections Spaces and Cultures episode of Justice Today, hear from former BJA fellow Dr. Danielle Rudes on how leaders can make correctional institutions better for staff and residents.

Making Second Chances Work: Reentry from Incarceration

During the Making Second Chances Work: Reentry from Incarceration episode of the Justice Today Podcast, hear from Angel Sanchez and John Bae, BJA fellows who not only have studied reentry from incarceration but experienced it themselves.

Second Chance Fellows Fact Sheet

This fact sheet highlights the work and activities of three BJA fellows supporting the Improving Corrections and Reintegration under the Second Chance Act focus area. Learn how John Bae, Stanley Frankart, and Angel Sanchez are making an impact.

Current BJA Fellows

Following are the current BJA fellows with their area of focus:

  • John Bae (Second Chance Fellow)
  • Kristina Bryant (Assessing Pretrial Practices and Supporting Data-driven Pretrial Approaches Fellowship)
  • Lisa Clements (Enhancing Efforts to Implement Cross-System Behavioral Health Programming Fellow)
  • Stanley Frankart (Second Chance Fellow)
  • Sean Malinowski (Enhancing and Coordinating Strategies to Prevent and Respond to Violent Crime Fellow)
  • Jill Malone (Enhancing Support of and Reducing Stigma for Persons with Criminal Justice Involvement Who are in Recovery Fellowship)
  • Radha Sadacharan (Researcher-Practitioner Partnership Fellowship to Reduce Substance Use-related Crime and Overdose)
  • Angel Sanchez (Second Chance Fellow)

Learn More

Additional information about the Visiting Fellows Program can be found in a blog post by BJA Director Karhlton F. Moore.

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Date Created: January 18, 2015