2007–2008 Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor

Chief Randy D. Poindexter, Fire Department, Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Lieutenant Brian S. Sturgill, Oklahoma Highway Patrol

On August 19, 2007, Lieutenant Brian S. Sturgill and Chief Randy D. Poindexter worked together to coordinate multiple rescues of individuals who were stranded as a result of Hurricane Erin, which had flooded parts of Oklahoma the previous night. In one of their rescues, Lt. Sturgill and Chief Poindexter assisted two occupants of a submerged pickup truck. Lt. Sturgill maneuvered the helicopter's skids so they were just under the water and Chief Poindexter was able to remove the first occupant. The rescue of the second occupant was riskier because Lt. Sturgill positioned the helicopter's skids so they were deeper under the water. Lt. Sturgill's efforts enabled Chief Poindexter to reach both occupants and ride with them to safety.