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Addressing Concerns and Responding to Myths About Safety during Crisis Calls

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Responses for people experiencing a behavioral health crisis have become increasingly necessary services in many communities. From law enforcement to co-responders and mobile crisis teams to community paramedics, people from different professions—with various purposes and levels of training—are asked to assist individuals in crisis in their communities. Responders may have many concerns, ranging from safety to knowing everyone’s role on a call.

During this webinar, attendees will learn about the challenges and successes of creating a cross-system collaboration between partners including law enforcement, behavioral health, and EMS. Attendees will also learn from national experts about what is true and what is not when responding to crisis calls and make connections with peer sites to foster collaboration, information sharing, and knowledge about best practices for responding to calls for services with people experiencing a behavioral health crisis.


  • Dominique Burton, Project Associate, National Policing Institute
  • Caroline Huffaker, Senior Program Manager, National Policing Institute
  • Deirdra Assey, Behavioral Health, Senior Policy Analyst, CSG Justice Center

Date Created: November 2, 2022