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Advancing Justice with Case Review and Informed Strategies for DNA Testing

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Collaboration is key to investigating and prosecuting violent crimes, both cold and current. Multidisciplinary case review and evaluation of evidence can enrich professionals’ understanding of the significance of testing results and lead to the identification of other additional evidence. The case review process when informed by diverse perspectives is critical to prosecutors' ability to determine evidentiary support for charges, indictments and considerations for advanced technologies in DNA testing.

Webinar presenters will discuss how strong relationships among prosecutors, investigators, and laboratory analysts assist prosecutors with navigating cases through the criminal justice system including how an understanding of laboratory workflows and quality control policies can assist processing cases impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Speedy trial requirements, due diligence, and case-specific timeliness needs will be discussed from the perspective of prosecutors and laboratory analysts.


  • Conduct effective cold and current case reviews from multiple professional perspectives.
  • Identify the probative value of physical and forensic evidence, tested and untested.
  • Ensure ongoing collaboration among prosecutors, investigators, and crime laboratory analysts to strategize DNA testing and prioritization.
  • Recognize advancements in DNA technology and their evidentiary potential.


  • Patricia D. Powers, Attorney Advisor, AEquitas
  • Misty Marra Williamson, DNA Analyst and DNA Laboratory Coordinator, Marshall University Forensic Science Center

This event is part of the Enhancing Conviction Integrity through Forensics webinar series.

Date Created: September 10, 2021