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Body-Worn Camera Footage: What Do We Do With All of That Evidence? (Part I)

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This webinar will focus on body-worn camera (BWC) footage as a form of digital evidence and how agencies are leveraging and managing large volumes of digital evidence media (DEM) being generated by BWCs.

The webinar panel consists of representatives from three police agencies and a researcher. A facilitator will ask specific questions about how agencies are managing large volumes of DEM data; what metrics are being used to measure DEM impact; how tagging and categorizing of footage is being done; how footage is used within a police agency for investigation and training; and how requests for footage from the media and the public are handled. 

This will be the first in a companion webinar series. A follow-up webinar will focus on how law enforcement agencies are collaborating with prosecutors in leveraging BWC footage to better inform prosecution practices, including charging decisions and when presenting digital evidence in court.


  • Dr. Shellie Solomon, CEO, Justice and Security Strategies, Inc.


  • Dr. Craig Uchida, President, Justice and Security Strategies, Inc.
  • Sgt. Armand Lemoyne, Los Angeles Police Department
  • Mr. Mian Saladeen, Rochester Police Department
  • Ms. Michelle Stern, Fort Lauderdale Police Department

Date Created: February 4, 2021