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Crime Data in Rural Communities: What's Out There and How Can I Use It?

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During this webinar, participants will hear firsthand from experts in crime data analysis in rural communities.

This interactive session will explore the vast landscape of crime data available to rural areas and will share practical strategies for maximizing its impact. Participants can discover trends, explore crime analyst promising practices, and learn how to empower communities with data-driven decision-making.

Webinar participants can:

  • Learn about the internally and externally generated crime data available to rural communities.
  • Explore rural crime data to identify trends and challenges specific to rural areas.
  • Discuss available crime analysis resources from Justice Counts, the Crime Analyst in Residence, and IDEA Analytics.
  • Learn about promising practices in crime analysis and how it can enhance your department as a force multiplier.
  • Participate in an interactive Q&A session.


  • Katie Mosehauer, Council of State Governments Deputy Director of State Initiatives 
  • Heather Perez, Bureau of Justice Assistance Crime Analyst in Residence Project Director
  • Dr. Jessica Herbert, Subject Matter Expert, Founder and CEO of IDEA Analytics

Date Created: July 10, 2024