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GunStat: A Data-Driven Approach to Address Gun Violence

Part of the National Public Safety Partnership Virtual Academy
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In an effort to deliver meaningful and effective resources to National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) sites and beyond, the PSP team, in collaboration with leading law enforcement experts and practitioners, has developed interactive, virtual courses on law enforcement topics identified to be of great importance. These courses are available nationwide at no-cost to requesting law enforcement professionals.

Gun crime is a complex problem impacting many communities and neighborhoods. As we think about the complexity of gun crime, it is important to remember that each crime represents real people, real families, and entire communities that are impacted by the wide-ranging consequences of gun violence.

It also is important to understand that the primary perpetrators of gun violence represent a very small segment of a community. However, despite their small number, unabated gun offenders perpetuate a cycle of violence that leaves a path of fear and devastation in neighborhoods.

GunStat is a nationally recognized, data-driven management strategy that focuses on reducing gun crime through the targeted identification and prosecution of felony gun offenders. The strategy involves a collaborative approach among police, local prosecutors, and the United States Attorney’s Office to systematically track gun offenders through the criminal justice system. Through this process, GunStat provides real-time intelligence on trends that promote the systematic enforcement and prosecution of violent gun offenders.

During this training session, participants will learn how to leverage data and collaboration to implement the GunStat model.

Date Created: December 6, 2022