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Making Changes Work in the Criminal Justice System: Best Practices for Quality Improvement

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Implementing changes in the criminal justice system can seem daunting and arduous. With recent legal requirements and continuing best practice updates, making changes is more important than ever. This webinar will present practical tools and approaches for implementing changes strategically and thoughtfully. Using examples from criminal justice and behavioral health, national experts on implementation science will describe real world methods to choose, implement, and sustain changes that support best practice.

This webinar will introduce methods for collecting and analyzing data to measure current practice, the impact of the change, and tools to determine whether to adopt, adapt, or abandon new approaches to improve policy, practice, and outcomes in criminal justice settings.


  • Linda Frazier, M.A., RN, MCHES, Senior Program Manager, Director of Addictions Initiatives, Advocates for Human Potential
  • Jen Christie, MCrim, Senior Program Associate II, Advocates for Human Potential

Date Created: July 18, 2023