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Navigating NIBIN Leads via the GETS System

Part of the National Public Safety Partnership Virtual Academy
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In an effort to deliver meaningful and effective resources to National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) sites and beyond, the PSP team, in collaboration with leading law enforcement experts and practitioners, has developed interactive, virtual courses on law enforcement topics identified to be of great importance. These courses are available nationwide at no-cost to requesting law enforcement professionals.

The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network’s (NIBIN) information flow for many departments is a consistent stream of information expressed as NIBIN leads. It is not uncommon for a department to receive 10, 15, or even 25 NIBIN leads every week. This includes new leads linking two events as well as new events being added to existing leads. Each NIBIN lead links a shooting to another shooting or a recovered crime gun to a shooting, or a complex combination of those. NIBIN leads received by most departments can quickly outpace available resources to address them.

This training is designed to provide an overview of navigating NIBIN leads via the geography, events, time, and solvability factors (GETS) System.

Date Created: December 6, 2022