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Person, Place, Thing: Understanding the Context of Community Violence

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The Community Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative differs from traditional violence prevention efforts in several key ways. An important difference is community violence intervention (CVI) approaches focus on the specific people and places driving community violence.

This webinar will examine how municipalities and community-based agencies work collaboratively to determine and prioritize the focus populations and geographies for CVI resources. Presenters will highlight the value of community input and engagement of community partners during an assessment process, delineate the differences between traditional and nontraditional data sources, describe which data sources should be considered and the value and limitations of each, and discuss strategies to minimize data bias.


  • Renaldo Chavis, Director of High-Risk Intervention, Newark Community Street Team
  • Alex Gimenez-Santana, Co-Executive Director, Newark Public Safety Collaborative
  • Solomon Middleton-Williams, Deputy Director, Newark Community Street Team
  • Tremayne Phillips, Executive Officer, Newark [NJ] Police Department
  • Ryan Samuelson, Senior Program Officer, LISC Safety & Justice (Moderator)

Date Created: February 8, 2024