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Technology to Address Violence

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This webinar will explore how Strategies for Policing Innovation (SPI) sites are using multiple technologies, combined with evidence-based strategies, to improve responses to violence. The technologies under focus include gunshot detection systems, CCTVs and mobile surveillance units along with the use of Real-Time Crime Centers. By integrating technologies, these sites hope to improve the coordination and sharing of data, boost the quality of evidence and investigation of violent crimes, and expand collaboration with partners.  

This webinar will feature three SPI sites (Detroit, MI; Wilmington, DE; and St. Louis, MO) and discuss various technologies and experiences with integrating them into police operations, identify challenges and how the challenges were overcome as well as success stories related to violence reduction, and describe the research for assessing impact.

Webinar presenters:

  • Jonathan Lewin, First Responder Network Authority
  • Director Trisha Stein, City of Detroit
  • Inspector Cecilia Ashe, Wilmington Police Department
  • Emily Blackburn, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
  • Dennis Mares, Southern Illinois University

Date Created: September 16, 2020