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Tribal Intergovernmental Reentry National Workshop

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Hosted by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, in partnership with the American Probation and Parole Association, this workshop will provide participants with tools to develop effective reentry plans based on the sharing of operational, organizational, and culture-based concepts and processes that result in the identification of critical services and interventions needed to reduce recidivism and victimization.

This national training is open to any tribe and will cover the fundamentals of creating and improving reentry strategies. Tribes that opt to participate in this workshop may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tribal Council (relevant committee of main governing body)
  • Court/Judiciary
  • Behavioral Health/Health Services/IHS
  • Community-based Service Provider
  • Community Resource Person
  • Victims' Services
  • Tribal Probation
  • Tribal Prosecution
  • Detention/Corrections
  • Law Enforcement (i.e. Chief of Police)
  • Budget Finance

Federal representatives will include U.S. Probation, U.S. Attorney's Office, Bureau of Prisons, and Bureau of Indian Affairs personnel.

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Date Created: February 4, 2021