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What Law Enforcement Need to Know About Developmental Disabilities: Tips from an Officer and His Son

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As first responders, police officers encounter individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) regularly. Understanding how to interact with individuals with DD can enhance the safety and effectiveness of these encounters.  

The International Association of Chiefs of Police Home Safe Project is hosting this webinar, which will Officer Scott Bailey from Aspinwall (PA) Police Department and his son, Trevor. Speaking from his experience as a law enforcement officer and a parent of two boys with autism, Officer Bailey will present on the importance for law enforcement of understanding DD and what officers in the field really need to know. He will be joined by his son, Trevor, who will be taking questions about his experiences interacting with officers and what works for him.  

After this webinar, participants will better be able to:  

  • Recognize the general signs of DD 
  • Explain tips and strategies for successful interactions with individuals with DD
  • Describe wandering and its impact on families, law enforcement, and the community


  • Officer Scott Bailey: School Resource Officer at Kerr Elementary School, Aspinwall Police Department, parent of two sons with autism
  • Trevor Bailey: Lived Experience Expert, son of Scott Bailey
  • Dana Bonnell, Project Manager, International Association of Chiefs of Police (Moderator)

Date Created: May 16, 2023