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Working the Case II: Case Follow-Up Based on SAK Testing Results

Part of the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Virtual Academy
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The Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) Virtual Academy offers online trainings and resources to help improve jurisdictions’ capacity to investigate, prosecute, inventory, and track sexual assault kits (SAKs) and provide trauma-informed victim services and advocacy.

You have the SAK testing results—so what do you do now? This curriculum presents four modules that review general information on DNA profiles, SAK testing results, and CODIS, as well as specific steps for conducting investigative follow up of cold case sexual assaults once testing results are received. In the past, specific challenges may have led jurisdictions to underestimate the importance of testing SAKs or the need for a thorough investigation of these cases. This curriculum outlines steps investigators can take for each type of SAK testing result (i.e., No DNA, No Hit, Forensic Hit, and Offender Hit).

Date Created: December 6, 2022