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Drug Court Training and Technical Assistance Program

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The Drug Court Training and Technical Assistance Program is being competed under 5 categories: 1) Adult Drug Court Planning Initiative to train newly forming drug court teams, 2) Adult Drug Court Training Initiative to advertise, enhance, and deliver 22 BJA approved drug court curricula to the drug court field and develop new trainings as needed; 3) Site-specific and State-based Drug Court Technical Assistance to meet the needs of BJA adult drug court grantees to meet their grant goals and objectives as well as develop materials/content to assist the field at large, including statewide drug court coordination efforts; 4) National Drug Court Resource, Policy and Evidence-based Practice Center to maintain an online resource center, develop and market new content with a goal to increase the uptake of evidence-based practices among drug courts nationwide; and 5) Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Technical Assistance to provide assistance to tribal drug courts.


Number of Awards: 6
Total Amount Awarded: $7,672,108

Date Created: March 31, 2016