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BJA FY 16 Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS)

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The Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Program provides services and resources that directly impact law enforcement's ability to successfully resolve criminal investigations and prosecute offenders while providing the critical officer safety event deconfliction necessary to keep the men and women of our law enforcement community safe. RISS serves thousands of local, state, federal, and tribal criminal justice agencies in their effort to identify, detect, deter, prevent, and solve criminal and terrorist-related investigations. Through its RISS Secure Cloud (RISSNET), information and intelligence sharing resources, investigative support and analytical services, and deconfliction, RISS has enabled agencies and officers to increase their success exponentially. RISS supports efforts against organized and violent crime, gang activity, drug activity, terrorism, human trafficking, identity theft, and other regional priorities, while promoting officer safety. RISS offers full-service delivery from the beginning of an investigation to the ultimate prosecution and conviction of criminals.
Date Created: June 27, 2016