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BJA FY 17 Wrongful Conviction Review Program

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One of BJA's guiding principles is to promote a fair criminal justice system. For the past two decades, the American justice system has been confronted with a steady stream of post-conviction exonerations, and the issue of wrongful conviction has emerged as a critical area for examination. BJA is committed to assisting the state and local law enforcement entities in adopting evidence-based practices and assessing the necessary technologies to reduce the likelihood of a wrongful conviction (to include wrongful arrests and prosecutions) occurring from the outset of each criminal investigation. BJA is also committed to ensuring that wrongful convictions are expeditiously detected and addressed when they occur. On support of the latter goal, BJA established the Wrongful Conviction Review Program, the funding for which is anticipated through the FY 2015 appropriation. The purpose of the Wrongful Conviction Review Program is to provide high-quality and efficient representation for defendants in post-conviction claims of innocence.


Number of Awards: 3
Total Amount Awarded: $648,304

Date Created: January 4, 2017