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BJA FY 19 Implementing the PREA Standards, Protecting Inmates, and Safeguarding Communities

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The PREA Statute of 2003 requires the Department of Justice to provide grant funding to state, local, and tribal jurisdictions to prevent, detect, and respond to prison rape. The PREA Demonstration Grant Program provides resources to eligible applicants for demonstration projects within confinement settings, including adult prisons and jails, juvenile facilities, community corrections facilities, law enforcement lockups and other temporary holding facilities, and tribal detention facilities. Applicants must successfully communicate a comprehensive approach to the prevention, detection, and response to sexual abuse, and clearly prioritize gaps which are not yet addressed, either programmatically or through changes in policy and procedures, as they relate to the implementation of the PREA Standards.


Number of Awards: 19
Total Amount Awarded: $3,628,789

Date Created: March 13, 2019