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BJA FY 19 Gulf States Regional Law Enforcement Technology Assistance Initiative

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The Gulf States Regional Law Enforcement Technology Training and Technical Assistance Initiative is a new solicitation to provide training, technology, and technical assistance to the five Gulf Shore states, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. The design of the program is to select a training and technical assistance (TTA) provider who will then develop a program that will directly assist local law enforcement with project to gather, analyze, and disseminate pertinent information critical to investigating, reporting, and responding to crimes and suspicious activity in communities. This initiative will enhance information and intelligence sharing between local law enforcement, fusion centers, to include federal and state agencies. Local law enforcement will be able to request assistance from the TTA provider to deploy or sustain projects with in their jurisdiction, as well as, working in conjunction with adjacent agencies.


Number of Awards: 20
Total Amount Awarded: $2,699,999

Date Created: November 7, 2019