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FY 2020 Northern and Middle States Rural Law Enforcement Training and Technical Assistance Grant Program

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This program will provide resources, training and technical assistance to smaller, rural and tribal law enforcement agencies located in the northern and middle states of the United States to support their efforts to reduce violent crime, including drug-related crime and human trafficking.

The support could enhance information sharing (including investigatory and intelligence data) and dedicated communications capability among federal, state, local, and tribal agencies working throughout these states, and provide previously identified specialized equipment to address crime issues that may be unique to the designated area.

Under this solicitation, the intent is to support agencies in sharing information with other agencies, provide technical assistance so they can participate in projects across the Northern and Middle states, and assist in projects/initiatives that may be unique to their agency or region. This technical assistance may involve the provision of specialized equipment for which the TTA provider must ensure that the proper training is provided.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $4,000,000

Date Created: February 11, 2020