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Program Performance Report: Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) Program, January-December 2013

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August 2015
14 pages
Based on self-reported data from grantees and sub-recipients with active awards under the Federal Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) program, this report presents RSAT performance data for January-December 2013, which covers both RSAT jail and residential programs, as well aftercare programs in the community after release.
A total of 11,961 participants in jail and residential RSAT programs and 604 aftercare participants successfully completed the program during the 12 calendar months of 2013. The successful completion rates were 73 percent for residential programs, 82 percent for jail programs, and 42 percent for aftercare programs. The time to completion for the majority of participants was no more than 9 months for the three types of programs. Of those who quit the programs early, 85 percent of jail program participants quit in the first 3 months, compared with 49 percent of residential program participants and 79 percent of aftercare program participants who quit within the first 3 months. In 2013, just over 90 percent of RSAT participants who were assessed with a risk/needs assessment instrument exhibited high criminogenic risk and substance abuse treatment needs in all program types, with the exception of one reporting period (July-September 2013) for residential and jail programs. Other than substance abuse treatment, the most common types of services provided were cognitive and behavioral treatment services. Tables and figures report performance data by each quarter for 2013. 6 tables and 12 figures

Date Published: August 1, 2015