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Detective Thomas Young

Baltimore Police Department, MD

On November 11, 2015, Detective Thomas Young and his partner Detective Duane Weston were conducting a narcotics investigation on Oakmont Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. Upon entering the area in their unmarked vehicle, both detectives observed a subject holding a black handgun. The subject appeared startled by the presence of the detectives and dropped the handgun to the ground. He then quickly retrieved it and pointed it at Detective Weston, who was seated in the driver’s seat of their vehicle.

Fearing for their safety, Detective Young quickly exited their vehicle and drew his weapon. Detective Young confronted the subject, announced that they were police, and ordered him to drop his weapon. The subject then pointed his weapon at Detective Young and fired repeatedly. Both detectives immediately returned fire.

The firefight between the subject and the two officers lasted approximately 90 seconds, at which point the subject collapsed to the ground. Shortly thereafter, he succumbed to his injuries. While putting out a call for assistance, Detective Young realized that he had been shot and was bleeding profusely from three gunshot wounds to his right leg. He was treated on the scene and transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center for further treatment.

Detective Young’s immediate reaction to the imminent threat quite possibly saved the life of Detective Weston. His actions demonstrate extraordinary bravery and a willingness to save the lives of others, without regard to his own personal safety.


A man giving a speech at the Badge of Bravery awards ceremony
Bloomington officer receives Congressional Badge of Bravery (Photo credit: WTHR.com)