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Death in Custody Reporting Act (DCRA) Data Collection

Training and Technical Assistance Provider

A national non-profit organization, the Justice Information Resource Network (JIRN) is a resource center for researchers, analysts, journalists and practitioners of justice research. Along with their member state Statistical Analysis Centers, JIRN provides reputable, nonpartisan research, learning programs tailored for justice researchers and research consumers who want to be informed, and opportunities for peers to meet, share perspectives and learn from one another. JIRN provides comprehensive analyses of crucial issues and their effects across the entire justice system. JIRN also analyzes issues at the state and federal level, providing thorough assessments of today's pressing societal challenges.

The JIRN Death in Custody Reporting Act Training and Technical Assistance Center (DCRA TTA Center), with funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, offers TTA to State Administering Agencies to support mandated DCRA data collection and reporting. TTA can be delivered onsite or virtually and includes web-based learning resources, a searchable database of informational resources, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities via online discussion boards/communities of practice.

If you are an SAA wanting assistance with meeting DCRA requirements for your state, please visit the JIRN DCRA TTA Center website or contact the Center at [email protected].

Date Modified: September 14, 2023
Date Created: May 6, 2022