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Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI)

FY24 Funding Available

Training & Technical Assistance

The Crime and Justice Institute at Community Resources for Justice and the Council of State Governments Justice Center provide intensive training and technical assistance to the state-level JRI program. In this role, they:

  • Collect data that is often siloed and under-analyzed to spotlight the most pressing trends and drivers of crime, recidivism, and costs;
  • Meet with a range of stakeholders and assess statutes, policies, and current practices;
  • Develop and deliver findings and recommendations to state leaders and stakeholders and build consensus around the best solutions for the state;
  • Help agencies effectively implement new criminal justice policies and innovative and evidence-based practices once changes are adopted; and
  • Establish an ongoing data monitoring process.

CNA provides training and technical assistance to the site-based program. In this role, they:

  • Provide ongoing, comprehensive assistance to JRI site-based grantees to ensure the successful implementation of their projects.
  • Develop materials to document grantee experiences and outcomes.

The Urban Institute serves as the oversight, coordination, and assessment provider for the state-level program. In this role, they:

  • Provide logistical and substantive support for the Justice Reinvestments Steering Committee, composed of funding partners and TA providers.
  • Assess and document JRI activities and outcomes, including state-level JRI efforts, site-based efforts, and JRI subawards made by TA providers.
Date Modified: April 21, 2023
Date Created: March 7, 2012