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Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor

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The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor (MOV) period is now open.

The MOV nomination submission period is open from May 31, 2024, at 8:00 a.m. (EDT) through July 31, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. (EDT).

The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor (MOV) is cited by the Attorney General and awarded by the President to a public safety officer(s) who has exhibited exceptional courage, extraordinary decisiveness and presence of mind, and unusual swiftness of action, regardless of their own personal safety, in the attempt to save or protect human life.

Under the MOV, a public safety officer is defined as a person serving a public agency, with or without compensation, as a firefighter, law enforcement officer, or emergency services officer. The term "law enforcement officer" includes a person who is a corrections or court officer or a civil defense officer.

For a nominee to be eligible to receive the MOV, a nomination must be completed and submitted via the online nomination system. In addition to the online nomination, an AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF INFORMATION form must be completed by the nominee and submitted before the MOV nomination will be moved forward to be considered. Additional supporting materials may also be uploaded to the nomination before being submitted. For any questions, please contact Gregory Joy at 202-514-1369, or [email protected].

All nominations must come from/be submitted with the approval of the agency head for the public safety agency that the nominee(s) works for. The “Summary of Valorous Conduct” information added to each nomination, must be based on the public safety agency head’s certification that the information provided is factually accurate. A separate online nomination is required for each nominee and can only nominate for a single event that occurred during the current eligibility period. The MOV Program is currently accepting nominations for events that take place between June 1, 2023, and May 31, 2024.

To be considered for the Medal of Valor:

  1. An online nomination must be completed and submitted via the MOV nomination system.
  2. All required elements within the online nomination must be completed. The MOV nomination template will outline each individual element that is required with the nomination.
  3. Authorization for Release of Information Form: All MOV nominations require a completed Authorization for Release of Information form; click here to download the form. This form must be completed by the nominee, or nominee’s representative if the public safety officer is incapacitated, then uploaded to the Nomination System via a link provided following the nomination’s initial review. The completed form must be uploaded within ten business days following receipt of the submission link. Note that for fallen nominees, in lieu of the form, the nominating agency will upload a document (Word or PDF) addressing the same elements as contained on the form.
  4. If you have any questions about the AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF INFORMATION form, please contact Gregory Joy at 202-514-1369, or [email protected].
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Add a detailed explanation of the incident, including essential facts reflecting the individual and collective actions of the nominee which  explain the valorous conduct performed to support the nomination for the Medal of Valor.
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Should any agency attempting to submit a Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor online nomination receive an error message prohibiting the submission, the error may be due to the use of certain characters and/or fonts. Please email a screenshot of any error message to [email protected] along with the agency's point of contact (POC) information. A representative will follow up to help resolve the issue.