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Protection of Constitutional Rights Under the Sixth Amendment


The Sixth Amendment Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Program is authorized by the Justice For All Act of 2016 (JFAA). The Sixth Amendment Program provides TTA to ensure that states and local government are provided with the capacity and tools necessary to meet the obligations established by the Sixth Amendment. The Program will also support pathways for evidence-based best practices to reach courts and defender systems at the state and local levels that support authentic adoption, implementation, and sustainment of effective approaches. The Program will disseminate information about practices, structures, and models that can be replicated and made available through training, technical assistance, and strategic planning services to courts and defender systems at state and local levels.

Most Recent Updates

TTA Applications now available!

Awards for the FY17 National Initiatives Adjudications:  TTA to support the Protection of Constitutional Rights Under the Sixth Amendment have been announced:

Category 1 : Strategic Planning
FY 17 National Initiatives Adjudications

Category 2: Right to Counsel and Enhancing Defense TTA Initiative
FY 17 National Initiatives Adjudications: Training and Technical Assistance

Date Created: December 11, 2019