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Smart Prosecution – Innovative Prosecution Solutions Program


The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) developed and currently administers Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) as part of BJA’s “Smart Suite” of crime fighting programs which include Police Innovations and Innovative Supervision. The IPS model builds off lessons learned from BJA’s former crime-fighting programs and is intended to assist prosecutors develop effective strategies and programs to address violent crime. IPS pairs an operational, results-focused researcher with a prosecutor’s office for the development of data-driven solutions to create effective, efficient, and fair prosecution strategies to improve public safety.

One of the intended outcomes for IPS is the development of a rich body of knowledge for use by prosecutors nationally as they seek to work with communities to solve chronic problems and fight violent crime.  IPS also encourages the exploration of new solutions to public safety concerns, as well as address internal operations and organizational structure, while employing research partners at the problem definition stage through assessment of strategies and solutions.

Through previous BJA funding, some creative solutions developed by prosecutors around the country centered on:

  • Developing ways to identify the most violent repeat offenders.
  • Using data to develop zone/geographic prosecution.
  • Using crime analysis tools through strategies like GunStat to track gun violence.
  • Developing policies to prosecute witness intimidation cases.
  • Working jointly with parole and probation departments on violations of probation.
  • Enhancing the prosecutor’s role in investigations of homicide cases and cybercrime strategies to improve public safety.
Date Created: January 29, 2016