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Upholding the Rule of Law: Wrongful Conviction Review Program


The Bureau of Justice Assistance's (BJA) Upholding the Rule of Law: Wrongful Conviction Review (WCR) Program supports WCR entities providing high-quality and efficient post-conviction representation for defendants in post-conviction claims of innocence.

Where possible, the WCR Program seeks to identify actual perpetrators of crimes, bring justice to victim(s), and enact measures to prevent future errors and ensure justice, thereby enhancing public safety. These funded strategies are led by a WCR entity that focuses on review of post-conviction claims of innocence.

BJA also supports efforts to assess and reduce risk of error via conviction integrity efforts. BJA makes training and technical assistance available to grantees and to the field including on conviction integrity and review units (CIUs or Units) and seeks to improve collaboration between CIUs and wrongful conviction entities; develop best practices, guidelines, and policies for existing or newly created Units; and provide wider reaching trainings and information to the field.

Date Modified: March 9, 2023
Date Created: December 16, 2019