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Programs & Initiatives


BJA supports programs and initiatives in the areas of law enforcement, justice information sharing, countering terrorism, managing offenders, combating drug crime and abuse, adjudication, advancing tribal justice, crime prevention, protecting vulnerable populations, and capacity building.

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Innovations Suite

BJA’s "Innovations Suite" of programs re-examines every aspect of the criminal justice system to identify what is working in the field to reduce crime and recidivism and make our communities safer.

Innovative Prosecution Solutions

BJA developed and currently administers Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) as part of BJA's "Innovations Suite" of crime fighting programs. The IPS model builds off lessons learned from BJA's former crime-fighting programs and is intended to assist prosecutors.

Intellectual Property Theft Enforcement Program (IPEP)

This program is designed to build the capacity of state and local criminal justice systems to address criminal intellectual property enforcement through increased prosecution, prevention, training, and technical assistance availability.

John R. Justice (JRJ) Program

The JRJ Program provides loan repayment assistance for state and federal public defenders and state prosecutors who agree to remain employed as public defenders and prosecutors for at least three years.

Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program (JMHCP)

The purpose of JMHCP is to increase public safety by facilitating collaboration among the criminal justice, juvenile justice, mental health treatment, and substance abuse systems to increase access to treatment for this unique group of offenders.

Justice Information Sharing (JIS) Initiative

This program works collaboratively with key stakeholders and national partner organizations to identify critical issues and problems, and provide resources in response to emerging challenges in criminal justice.

Law Enforcement Cyber Center

Coordinated by BJA, the Law Enforcement Cyber Center provides local, state and tribal law enforcement with critical resources to help them learn, investigate and solve cybercrimes; share cyber threat information; and collaborate with regional and federal authorities.

Law Enforcement Planning for Major Events

When law enforcement executives are tasked with managing a large-scale event, they can maximize their efforts by learning from other agencies and adopting proven practices. Too often, past lessons learned are not documented in a clear and concise manner. BJA is working to provide the field with resources and tools to address this information gap.