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Police-Mental Health Collaboration (PMHC) Toolkit

Mental Health

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) helps America’s state, local, and tribal jurisdictions reduce and prevent crime, lower recidivism, and promote a fair and safe criminal justice system. BJA provides a wide range of resources through programs and services, including training and technical assistance, to address chronic and emerging criminal justice challenges nationwide. Following are a sampling of BJA resources that are related to mental...

Shared Management of Police-Mental Health Collaborations (PMHCs):

Introduction: Shared Program Management

Police-Mental Health Collaboration programs are best managed through a collaborative partnership between law enforcement agencies, mental health agencies and mental health advocacy organizations representing people with mental illness and their families. Advocacy groups include local chapters of Mental Health America, NAMI, and mental health peer organizations in your community.  People with mental illness, their families and advocates should be equal partners...