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Advancing Justice: Interviewing and Presenting Testimony of Witnesses to Violent Crimes

Event Dates

This event is part of the Enhancing Conviction Integrity through Forensics webinar series, which delivers a forensic-based curriculum in an effort to ensure prosecutors and defense counsel trying violent crime cases, including cold cases and death penalty cases, have the knowledge and tools to effectively understand and present forensic evidence in court.

The presenters will examine the difference between direct and circumstantial evidence, as well as research and practice in interviewing witnesses and eliciting accurate and probative information at trial.

Webinar Objectives

  • Identify the probative value of direct and circumstantial evidence derived from witness statements.
  • Conduct interviews that give the witness the opportunity to provide accurate information and that allow investigators and prosecutors to assess the viability of the witness’ memory in connection with other evidence.
  • Effectively present testimonial evidence at trial by establishing a foundation for the witness’ memories and the impact of the event in the context of other supporting evidence.

This webinar will be presented by Patricia D. Powers, Attorney Advisor with AEquitas, and Dr. Rebecca Campbell, Professor of Psychology at Michigan State University.

Date Created: August 23, 2021