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Domestic Violence in Indian Country: Investigation Basics and Prosecution Options

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This webinar will focus on the investigation and the prosecution of misdemeanor and felony level domestic violence crimes in federal court. Presenters for this webinar are Detective Mike Agnew, Fresno PD (ret.) and Leslie A. Hagen, National Indian Country Training Coordinator, U.S. Department of Justice.

This training is for police, prosecutors and advocates responding to domestic violence in tribal communities. Topics to be covered include the following:

  • the nature and prevalence of domestic violence;
  • charging options in federal and tribal court;
  • trauma informed interviewing;
  • determining the predominant aggressor;
  • the effective use of body worn cameras;
  • documenting excited utterances;
  • photographic documentation of violence;
  • report writing.

In short, viewers will learn how to build an evidence based case that may withstand prosecution challenges like victim recantation. The ultimate goal is less homicides, less violence, justice for victims and safer communities. 

Date Created: July 30, 2020