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Domestic Violence Multi-Disciplinary Conference

Event Dates
Delta Hotels by Marriott

Phoenix(Mesa), AZ

During this event, seasoned faculty, including veteran prosecutors, law enforcement, scientific experts, health care and mental health specialists, victim-witness professionals, and survivors, will share insight that will increase your ability to successfully overcome the complex challenges you face in providing quality service to victims of domestic violence and investigating and prosecuting their abusers.

This multi-disciplinary conference covers:
- Evidence-Based Prosecution: Proceeding Without the Victim's Participation
- Effective Approaches for Utilizing Trauma-Informed Practices
- Stop Victim Blaming Behavior
- The Tentacles of Domestic Violence: Child Maltreatment, Rage, and Mass Shooters
- Anticipating and Overcoming Common Defenses
- Use of Digital Evidence in Building the Prosecution's Case
- Safe Use of Technology by Victims
- Best Practices for Prosecutors, Law Enforcement and Victim Witness Professionals
- Domestic Violence 101 hands-on Trial Advocacy track
- PowerPoint 101 hands-on session
- and more

NDAA invites prosecutors, lawyers and paralegals in local, state, tribal, federal and military government attorneys' offices who work on behalf of survivors, law enforcement, victim advocates and victim-witness professionals to attend this conference. In addition, domestic violence task force members, all court services staff, judges, health and mental health care professionals, shelter and social workers, members of the faith community, school administrators, legislators and policymakers, survivors, protective services personnel, and other professionals and community stakeholders are welcome to attend.

Date Created: December 6, 2019