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BJA FY 15 CTAS Purpose Area 2: Comprehensive Tribal Justice Systems Strategic Planning

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To engage in comprehensive justice system-wide strategic planning to improve Tribal justice and community wellness and safety including activities outlined in TLOA such as strategic planning and the development of a Tribal Action Plan (TAP). The plan should identify the priority needs facing the applicant’s justice system and outline a detailed, strength-based strategy which could include: law enforcement, courts, community corrections, alternatives to incarceration, tribal jails programming, crime victims rights and services, including services to promote safety for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking, programming to serve juvenile justice needs from prevention through reentry, and community resources to support alternatives to incarceration and offender reentry. The applicant’s plan should address improving public safety through community oriented strategies such as community courts; community prosecution; community corrections; and community policing, including organizational strategies which reorient the mission and activities of law enforcement towards the community policing philosophy and which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, to address conditions that give rise to public safety issues of crime, social disorder, and fear of crime.


Number of Awards: 5
Total Amount Awarded: $344,535

Date Created: November 20, 2014