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Using BWC Footage to Promote Officer Safety: Examples from the Field

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Date Published
April 2022
2 pages

This report provides examples of how several law enforcement agencies have used body-worn cameras (BWCs) to promote officer safety.


Although the effects of the practices featured have not been formally evaluated, these examples reflect positive and promising developments in the use of BWCs related to training, policies, and practices that promote officer safety. For agencies to fully realize the potential of using BWC footage, agency leaders should clearly convey to their officers that BWC footage review by the agency is not punitive, but rather a tool to improve tactical preparedness and response that can improve officer safety. The examples of constructive use of BWC review to improve officer safety pertain to tactical awareness, training in safety procedures, field-training officer (FTO) feedback for field training, and “real-time” decisionmaking.


Date Published: April 1, 2022