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Body-Worn Camera Toolkit

This toolkit organizes frequently asked questions, resources, and other information by key topic areas, including research, policy, technology, and privacy. In addition, information about specific stakeholder interests can be found on each particular group's page. If you want to gain a quick understanding of the technology, recommended policies, and key privacy considerations, this toolkit section should help you get started.

Podcast Series

For more about these topics, see the BWC Podcast Series.

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Featured Resources

NIJ Primer

NIJ BWC Primer

NLECTC published a primer that answers basic questions about body-worn cameras and implementation issues.

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10 limitations of body cams you need to know for your protection

10 Limitations of Body Cameras 

The Force Science Institute describes limitations to police-worn body cameras for consideration when developing policy, protocols, and training.

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Police Officer Body-Worn Cameras

Study Assesses Evidence

OJP Diagnostic Center publishes an assessment of the evidence to inform conversations about the impact, perceived benefits, and important considerations of using police-worn body cameras.

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Expert Panel

BJA Expert Panel

Justice professionals representing law enforcement, courts, prosecution, public defense, labor organizations, and advocates for privacy, victims, and juveniles initiated Toolkit discussions.

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