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Global Outreach and Communication

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Global Outreach and Communication

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The Global Outreach and Communication solutions were developed by the ad hoc Global Outreach Working Group.  While this working group is not currently active, its work continues through the Global Advisory Committee (GAC) member constituents’ outreach activities, including Global-related presentations at justice community meetings and conferences.  Global outreach and communication efforts are featured throughout this website and on the Five in 5 publication.  Global outreach and communication solutions work to expand the adoption, usefulness, and value of BJA’s Global justice information sharing products across the justice and public safety communities.  This includes broadening awareness of BJA’s Global resources, partners, best practices, and success stories, as well as identification of information sharing needs in the field.  In-reach activities include liaison opportunities and coordination with GAC members and their constituents, Global groups, and BJA.  These efforts increase awareness of Global’s mission and vision, promote Global resources, and improve understanding of current information sharing needs across the justice community.