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Countering Violent Extremism

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Countering Violent Extremism in Government Accountability Office Reports


Additional Actions Could Strengthen Training Efforts (GAO-13-79, October 2012) (70pp | 1.8mb | PDF) — “Providing high-quality and balanced CVE-related training is a difficult task given the complexity and sensitivities surrounding the phenomenon of violent extremism. However, misinformation about the threat and dynamics of radicalization to violence can harm security efforts by unnecessarily creating tensions with potential community partners. The CVE national strategy implementation plan commits the federal government, including DHS and DOJ, to supporting state and local partners in their efforts to prevent violent extremism by providing CVE-related training. By identifying and communicating CVE-related training topics, DOJ could better demonstrate the extent to which it is fulfilling departmental CVE-related responsibilities as established in the implementation plan for the CVE national strategy. In addition, by proactively soliciting feedback from participants in informal CVE-related training on a more consistent basis, FBI field offices and USAOs could more effectively obtain information on the strengths and weaknesses of their presentations and briefings, and thus better ensure their quality.”