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Prosecuting Cold Cases Using DNA

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See the Office of Justice Programs' Funding Statistics page where you can do a search for awards made through this and other Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) programs.

Grantee Highlights

Use the Submit a Success Story form to provide information about how BJA funding through this program (or others) has impacted your agency, organization, or community. See the Forensics TTA Cold program page for additional program highlights.

Read the BJA blog post, "Unraveling the Mystery: The Nancy Bennallack Case Finally Solved," to learn about the impact funding through this program had on the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office in their efforts to solve a cold case.

Listen to the January 2023 Finding a Serial Killer—and Justice—After 40 Years podcast episode to hear how decades of determined police work and cutting-edge forensic science identified Joe Michael Ervin as the person who assaulted and murdered four women between 1978 and 1981. Also read the corresponding blog post.

Date Modified: March 18, 2024
Date Created: June 14, 2022