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Prosecuting Cold Cases Using DNA

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Performance Measures

The performance measures are a direct connection to the impact of the program -- see the performance measure questions.

However, it should be noted that:

  • Clearance rates alone do not fully reflect an agency’s efforts, and this is especially true regarding the resolution of unsolved cases. While investigation of unresolved cases helps agencies, there is no performance instrument that reflects the true successes brought about by addressing unresolved cases and what case resolution means for victims and victims’ families and friends.
  • Each resolution or case closed is a noteworthy success.
  • Information such as the number of cases reviewed, hours worked, people interviewed, and cases analyzed through forensic technologies can be just as relevant as the number of arrests or prosecutions.
  • Performance measures overview and trainings.
  • This program reports performance measures into JustGrants.

Additional Resources

Other resources are available:

Forensic/Investigative Genetic Genealogy

Forensic genealogy searches of DNA profiles attributed to unknown suspects: The profile of the unknown offender must have previously been uploaded to CODIS, but has yet to generate a hit associated with a known suspect in the database. Familial DNA searches (if legally allowed in the applicant’s state) must also be performed to try to identify a suspect before pursuing forensic genealogy searches. Funds can be used to outsource forensic genealogy searches, for laboratory personnel overtime pay, Y-STR testing to evaluate potential familial matches, or investigative activities associated with the location, collection, and analysis of suspect DNA samples for comparison/identification of the actual perpetrator.

See the Performance Measures for additional required grantee reporting on FGGS activities.

SAKI TTA Virtual DOJ-BJA Forensic Genetic Genealogy Training
*Must create SAKI account in order to retrieve the training.

JustGrants Resources

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