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FY24 Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence

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This program assists in defraying the costs associated with postconviction case review, evidence location, and DNA testing in violent felony cases (as defined by state law) where the results of such testing might show actual innocence.

National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Infographic

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January 2022
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New Research on Body-Worn Cameras

May 2015

This video captures the presentations of several speakers. Jennifer Wood, Associate Professor at Temple University, presents key findings from a pilot evaluation of the Philadelphia Police Department's use of body-worn cameras (BWC) in one of the districts. During his presentation, Michael White, Professor at Arizona State University, focuses on available BWC resources and research. And, Daniel Lawrence from the Urban Institute spoke about the Institute's evaluation of BWC.

Episode 62: Interpreting BWC Video Footage – Part 1

February 2017
Todd Maxwell with the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Body Worn Camera Team, interviews University of South Carolina’s Assistant Professor Seth Stoughton to discuss the potential benefits of Body Worn Cameras. Stoughton discusses his three categories were the benefits fall into including a signaling benefit, a behavioral benefit, and an evidentiary or documentation benefit. We further discuss how these effect policy, evidence considerations, effects on officer and prosecution and more.

Episode 59: Research Spotlight – GMU’s Center of Evidence Based Policing (Part 1)

January 2017
Todd Maxwell with the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Body Worn Camera Team, interviews George Mason University’s Dr. Cynthia Lum to discuss the Center of Evidence Based Policing’s recent papers on prosecutors perceptions of BWCS and a research based examination of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing recommendations. Dr. Lum talks about research based recommendations, areas for more research and recommendations on implementing BWCs.

Episode 5: Judicial Perspective with Judge Mundell

November 2015
Carmen Facciolo, Policy Advisor for the Bureau of Justice Assistance, interviews the Honorable Barbara Rodriguez Mundell to get a Judicial perspective on the impact and issues of BWCs on the court systems. Judge Mundell's extensive experiences help us explore the multiple legal issues surrounding BWCs. Judge Mundell was part of the BJA Expert Panel on Body Worn Cameras that helped form the BJA National Body-Worn Camera Toolkit.