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Body-Worn Camera Training and Technical Assistance and Small, Rural, and Tribal Microgrant Grant Solicitations

BJA Solicitation Support Webinar Series
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This webinar will provide a detailed overview of two grant solicitations being offered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA):

  1. Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program Training and Technical Assistance (BWC-TTA)
  2. Supporting Small, Rural, and Tribal Law Enforcement Agency Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program (SRT-BWC)

BWC-TTA provides broad-ranging training and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies, correctional agencies, and prosecutors’ offices that are funded through BJA’s Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program to Support Law Enforcement Agencies (BWCPIP).

SRT-BWC is a grant program designed to provide subawards, also known as microgrants, to small, rural, and tribal agencies that have historically found it difficult to apply for BWCPIP grants and compete with larger agencies that have more experience and resources at their disposal when applying directly for federal funds. The awardee selected for the SRT-BWC award will be expected to design and administer a competitive microgrant program specifically designed for small, rural, and tribal agencies, as well as provide training and technical assistance tailored to agencies funded by that microgrant program.

A brief overview of BWCPIP and its relation to these two solicitations will also be discussed during the webinar and participants will be able to ask questions.


  • Vince Davenport, Associate Deputy Director, BJA
  • John Markovic, Senior Policy Advisor, BJA

Date Created: February 2, 2023