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Congressional Badge of Bravery: Federal Illustration

Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery
Color illustration of the reverse view of the federal Badge of Bravery medal on a ribbon
Color illustration of the reverse view of the federal Badge of Bravery medal on a ribbon
A color illustration of the lapel pin that accompanies the federal Badge of Bravery award


SYMBOLISM: Dark blue is the color associated with the Department of Justice. Gold represents excellence and achievement. Red, white and blue, our national colors, are for patriotism and the love of freedom. The starburst design and its peaked beveled edges represent the challenges that law enforcement officers must face every day. The Congressional seal as the central symbol represents Congress as the authorizing authority for the medal. Dark blue is for loyalty and is a traditional color used by law enforcement. The inscription “QUI PRO DOMINA JUSTIA SEQUITUR” is the motto that appears on the Department of Justice seal and translates to “Attorney General who prosecutes on behalf of our Lady Justice.” The star is a shape similar to law enforcement badges and the dark blue reinforces the fact that the recipient is a federal officer of the law. On the reverse, the badge symbolizes protection and is representative of the official shields used to identify law enforcement officials.


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