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Throughout the Global Justice XML Data Model (Global JXDM) development and testing process, several tools were identified as necessary for assisting individuals and agencies in implementing the Global JXDM. These tools include a mechanism for reporting errors, a tool to search the model and build schema subsets, a means for validation, and more.  As new Global JXDM Tools are identified and developed, they will be made available on this Web site.

Peer assistance can be obtained through the Information Sharing Listserv discussion forum and by contacting agencies who have implemented the Global JXDM and the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), listed in NIEM Adoption and Use.
Global JXDM Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT)
The Global Justice XML Data Model (Global JXDM) Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT) is a valuable tool that assists developers in creating Global JXDM schema subsets, based on the previously published Rules for Schema Subsets. In generating a schema subset, there is one primary, overriding rule: Instances that validate to the schema subset will validate to the full schema.

With the SSGT developers can navigate the Global JXDM and then select and move any number of desired components into the schema subset being built. The SSGT can also be used for simply searching or navigating the Global JXDM without using the subset generator function.

The SSGT incorporates and replaces the Global JXDM Viewer, which was designed to assist developers in searching the Data Model itself. Beta testing was performed on the SSGT, during which 12,255 total unique pages were viewed, 68,378 total pages were requested, 533 total megabytes were transmitted by the server (bandwidth), 334 schema subsets were generated, and only 4 bugs reported.

While tests performed on schema subsets generated by the SSGT have thus far resulted in accurate subsets, it is anticipated that the use of the tool by developers will provide additional information for improving the SSGT for future releases.
Global JXDM Wayfarer Browser Tool

Wayfarer is an exploration and discovery tool for the Global JXDM, developed by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). Wayfarer provides a hierarchical overview of the Global JXDM relationships, as well as detailed information about individual elements and types and the relationships between them. Names and descriptions are fully searchable.

Two particularly useful features of Wayfarer:

  1. It provides a dynamic tree view of container-element relationships in the Global JXDM. Branches can be opened and closed at will, and the user can drill down as deep into the tree structure as necessary.
  2. It provides a complete list of properties available for a specific element. It does this by tracing the type extension path up to SuperType.

While it was originally created for internal use at the NCSC, Wayfarer has been made available to the general justice community at no cost but with no guarantee or warrantee. For more information and to use the Wayfarer tool, refer to http://apps.ncsc.org/wayfarer/